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Hospitality Design
Buchan Hotel Vancouver
Jean Claude Kwizera
3D printed map of Vancouver. So, although we are inside the Buchan Hotel, the map orients us to where we are in the city. This means that the hotel guests are reminded of all that Vancouver has to offer without ever leaving the hotel. (they can brag that they travelled Vancouver) That’s the motivation behind the concept.
The project was a competition put together by PlaidFox design studio and sponsored by Montauk Sofa, Benjamin Moore, Western Living magazine and more amazing companies. I am proud to have been among top 5 finalists to pitch their design proposals.
One of my favourite parts of this design is a secret feature. The model features a QR code that when scanned links to an official page and schedule of the building or attraction. It informs the tourist of interesting stops to make around Vancouver, such as parks and natural attractions, public transportation, healthcare, art and museums, event venues, and more from west and North Vancouver.
The other mural is made from a photo. It is a flat sketch and the major source of colour, along with the carpet, in the hallways. It represents the first generation of mobile phones and the design and color combinations make it a great place to snap and Instagram photo.
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